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Water purification company

Corporate Overview

EnviroTek has been contributing towards the acquisition and high-level utilization of water resources. EnviroTek Wissenschaftlers Pvt. Ltd. (ETW) aims to develop a better social infrastructure with reliable technologies and services with superior value. With many years of expertise in the field of water treatment, ETW develops new water recycling methods in the following areas:

  • Usage of Water
  • Water Recycling
  • Checking and Analyzing Water

EnviroTek’s core business is backed up by extensive Research and Development. Research carried out jointly with customers, academic institutes as well as R&D Division of Wissenschaftlers Group makes it possible for us to speed up the cycle of R&D to solutions. Our manufacturing division gives shape to and materializes the results of R&D through the integration of excellent technological capabilities. We are fully supported by a wealth of experience and achievements along with advanced equipment and excellent skills of the engineering staff. As service providers par excellence we offer a complete gamut of technologies, manufacturing capabilities, engineering infrastructure and Project management, all covered under one roof. Water is the very essence of life, picture of change, flux, and transformation. Not something to be taken for granted. At EnviroTek, we have blended ourselves to these cardinal virtues of water. We thank those who are meeting us for the first time for letting us make a good, first impression .One that we are sure will convince you beyond any doubt that EnviroTek can be your most preferred Water purification supplier. Those of you to whom we are already known, we invite you to take a fresh look at what we are today. With a clear focus on water, we have upgraded ourselves with most advanced technologies as a company that makes decision based on customer needs, affordability and the latest market requirements. Now that you have perceived the change in us we shall describe some of the differences in more detail in our website.


EnviroTek relies not only on a mission statement but on an equation: The Company looks at what the world requires, multiplies it by a combination of even better way and a persistent drive to innovate, invent and build things that matter, so as to build a world that works better.


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There are five main values that direct EnviroTek’s decisions. These values focus on

  • Taking care of people’s needs
  • Pursuit of excellence in the field of work
  • Welcoming & embracing change
  • Focus on integrity
  • Serving Humanity.

Quality Assurance

Since our inception, we have been paying importance towards the quality of our water treatment plants and filtration systems. We also offer quality services for operation and maintenance services. All our services are rendered by a highly experienced team of professionals following a planned methodology. A team of deft quality auditors is hired by us to ensure that the services we are offering are accurate and free from flaws.


Our Principle is to manage customer complaints quickly and courteously. We believe a well-managed complaint can turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate.

After Sales Service

Closing a sale is the first step to increasing our sales, not the last. Provision of good after-sales service has helped us build long-term relationships with our customers, earn their loyalty and keep their business. We have used after-sales service strategies to consolidate sales, build customer relationships and grow their profits. Providing good after-sales service has kept our customers coming back to us and has encouraged them to refer our business to others. After-sales service includes what we do at the point of sale, including customer service and regular checks and follow-up such as:

  • Contacting customers after purchase to ensure they are happy.
  • Providing consultancy, repairs and warranties.
  • Ensuring our products are kept functioning with utmost efficiency.


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