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Bar Screen Chamber


Bar Screen chamber in Coimbatore

Bar Screen Chamber 

  • The bar screen chamber is used to separate plastics and other non-decomposable matter from incoming waste water to prevent clogging of pipelines and pumps thereby causing break-downs.
  • The bar screen chamber consists of two screens i.e., a coarse screen followed by a fine screen which are inverted at an inclined angle.
  • These are followed by a platform to support the weight of three people. The platform is used by the workmen to remove the plastic etc using a rake. This is done on a regular basis to prevent clogging of the screens.
  • The bar screen chamber is to be at a suitable overflow height to the equalization tank.
Bar screen chamber in Coimbatore

Bar Screen Wastewater in Coimbatore

Screen Details

Angle of inclination=60°
MOC=Mild steel with epoxy coating or stainless steel

    1. Inlet pipe for the STP.
    2. Debris (plastic bags, paper cups, condoms, sanitary napkins, paper dishes, etc.) gets trapped here.
    3. Muck (sediment in sewage) accumulates and blocks the grill (if not cleaned regularly)
    4. Grill. Must be cleaned regularly to avoid a build-up of debris (2) and muck (3).
    5. Screened sewage. If the screen (4) is maintained well, this would be free of any large articles.
    6. Outlet pipe (goes to the Equalization Tank)
    7. Platform with weep holes. The STP operator stands here to rake the debris (2). He also uses the platform as a drip-tray for the collected debris.