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Effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

We Design, Supply, Install and Commission various Water treatment plants & we are the best ETP plant manufacturers in Coimbatore on a Turnkey basis for the industrial needs of various companies. Envirotek providing the Effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore at low cost.

Our methodology – For the common starters, we collect samples of the effluent waste to be treated from the customer and analyze it through a detailed lab report. In-case of it being a generic industry we refer to our in-depth resources on the wastewater (or) contaminants to be treated. Following this, we research the most suitable methodology to be used to neutralize the contaminants. We then do pilot studies to ensure that the plant to be setup will be 100% efficient before designing a detailed plant structure to effectively carry out the necessary treatment.

Effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore

Our Effluent Treatment Plants are highly compact and given the detailed research and study done prior set-up are extremely efficient in conforming to all the guidelines set forth by various countries’ Pollution Control Authorities and Organizations.

As we are the best ETP plant manufacturers in Coimbatore, we provide the best water treatment plants with proper installation & quality service in order to purify the wastewater into useful water for our customers.

The Principle:

The working principle behind our ETPs are Physico-Chemical Separation include Bar Screen Chambers (Automatic or Manual) Oil removal and De-Greasing. This is followed by Homogenization of the incoming effluent and then neutralizing it. The effluent is then subjected to sludge settling and removal before proceeding to the primary filtration stage using Sand, Carbon and Dual Media Filters. After this, the effluent is further treated by a UF system before being passed through multiple stages of R.O to cut down on the reject. A well designed system is extremely important here to cut down on the final reject water volumes to decrease overall plant running cost. The final reject is then evaporated using MEEs (Multiple Effect Evaporators) or SDPs (Solar Drying Pans) to achieve ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge).

As we mentioned above we can separate the oil from the water for the industries & large households using oil separator process in ETP plant.

Effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore