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Ozone Generators


Ozone Generators in Coimbatore

Ozone Generators

How does the Ozone Generators works??

When the sun’s UV rays inter act with the molecules of oxygen, ozone gas is produced which is a pungent smelling gas. Despite its pungent smell ozone purifies the water and air.

It is similar to the way chlorine works. They are both powerful oxidizers and deliver similar benefits such as oxidation of metals and disinfection of substances. But ozone gas does work faster, and also does not leave any chemical residue in the water.

Envirotek, the leading ozone generator water purifier dealers in Coimbatore providing the best ozone generators in Coimbatore at affordable price. We are providing this ozone generators purifier system for filtering the water & make to use for many domestic, commercial & industrial purposes.

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Ozone is highly efficient in combatting contaminants and foul odours. For instance:

Purification of drinking water – It removes odours, bacteria and can oxidize many harmful chemical contaminants.

Food Sterilization – Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food can be sterilized against various pathogens using ozonated water.

Bacterial Disinfection – All surfaces where there can be bacterial infestation; such as kitchens, under wash basins, toilets etc.

Air Sterilization – Ozone is highly efficient in combatting various odours and mould formations.

Effective against oral bacteria – When ozonated water is used as a mouthwash; oral infections can be decimated.

Laundry Aid – Using ozone in washing machines can render your laundry much odour free with zero microbial content and in the bargain end up cutting down on your detergent use.