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RO water purifier dealers in Coimbatore

Pressurized Sand Filters

ro water purifier in Coimbatore

Activated Carbon Filters

ro water purifier in Coimbatore

Dual Media Filters

Ultra Filtration Plants

Ultra Filtration Theory

Ultra filtration is one of the best pressure-driven physical separation process in which the water is passed through porous membranes with a range of 0.1 to 0.001 microns in pore size; this being larger than RO membranes. Typically, Ultra Filtration membranes remove high turbidity, molecular-weight substances, organic or inorganic polymeric molecules, algae, colloidal materials, particulate matter, silt, suspended solids, pollen, and micro-organisms. The result is completely pure water free from biological and physical contaminations.

Ultra Filtration systems are efficient in eliminating the use of chemical agents for flocculation, coagulation and sand and carbon filters. Ultra Filtration is also good at removing substances which cause scaling, fouling and lowered performance of other equipment.

ro water purifier dealers in Coimbatore

Chemical ions like as Na, Ca, Mg, Sulphates and organics with low molecular weight aren’t removed by Ultra Filtration membranes. The osmotic pressure difference along the membrane surface is negligible, as it removes only high molecular weight substances. Hence, we can get high flux rates from the membrane in applications with low pressure. Membrane flux rate is defined is the amount of permeate produced per unit area of membrane surface in a given frame of time.

Automatic cleaning of the UF is done based on the load it is subjected to. During the cleaning process, the water flows at a high speed in a reverse direction and in the process cleans out the membrane surface. UF membranes are mostly fouling-resistant given their hydrophilic nature.

EnviroTek offers fully automatic, state-of-the-art skid mounted UF systems and we source our membranes from global players like GE and Hydranautics at affordable price.

Our systems come fully automated with filter feed pumps, back-flush pumps, a CIP system, dosing pumps, chemical cleaning tank, blowers, automated solenoid valves and PLC control; all mounted on a skid made out of stainless steel.

Our systems are highly compact and we design them according to the requirements of our customers and match the guidelines set forth by the membrane manufacturers.

ro water purifier dealers in Coimbatore

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Technology has grown leaps and bounds top over the years. The industry has benefited with this growing technology by conserving water and saving the environment. ETW builds commercial,domestic ,home and industrial RO water purifier (or) systems for producing pure RO water from brackish and seawater.

Osmosis is a natural phenomenon, which takes place when two solutions at different concentrations are separated by a semi permeates membrane. Under this condition, pressure is created which forces the solvent through the membrane from dilute solution to concentrate the solution.

This movement of pure solvent is called osmosis and the pressure at which it occurs is called osmotic pressure. When pressure is applied gradually to a solution with a high concentration of solute, it separates and flows through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving behind a much purer solution. This process is called reverse osmosis.

As we are one of the best ro water purifier dealers in Coimbatore providing the high quality ro water purifier at affordable price.


The heart of the RO water purifier machine is the membrane. ETW understands this and designs the RO water machines strictly on the advice of membrane manufacturers. ETW uses its vast experience in building RO systems (or) RO Water purifier, which are less susceptible to fouling.

ETW uses advanced spiral wound thin film composite membranes, which has high resistance to fouling and at the same time offers excellent energy savings. The customer has options to choose from a variety of membrane configuration and manufacturers.


All the components of this system have performed well in extended similar service.

Ease of Service: This plant is designed so that all components, checkpoints and sample valves are accessible. These design features have come from the accumulated years of actual field experience of operating plants by the ETW staff.

High Quality Components: All of the components of this system have been field proven for reliability, durability and resistance to corrosion.


ETW offers reliable and advanced automation system with remote two-way communication data retrieval and multiple field selectable control. The RO control includes pH, conductivity and water flow control inputs. The control offers selectable data login parameters and alarm settings. The controllers come in pre-packaged with built in software for easy operation and control.

After passing through the membranes the product water called permeate from all the vessels in the two banks shall be piped to the permeate tank. The stored permeate water will then be pumped by permeate forwarding pumps.

Electrical Cabinet

Painted sheet steel cabinet with integrated SEC controller, operator panel ready for connection.

LED indicators:

Operation, warning, alarm.