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Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)


Sewage Treatment Plants in Coimbatore

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

Envirotek is the best Sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore providing the list of water treatment plants  method for the categories like Domestic, Commercial & Industrial sectors at affordable price in Coimbatore. We also provide the sewage treatment plants services to the nearby areas.

Are you drinking sewage contaminated water?

Sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore

About our technology

  • Our MBBR unit (Moving Bed Bio-Reactor) efficiently treats wastewater generated from
  • Residential buildings like Apartment complexes/Villas
  • Industries/Factories/Companies
  • Hotels/Resorts/Clubs
  • Educational Institutions

Features of the compact SBR-MBBR STP system

Sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore

EnviroTek Wissenschaftlers has an SBR-MBBR system which has the following benefits over other conventional treatment system:

a. Space saving and low cost:

Given the fact that our MBBR technology generates a very small amount of sludge and taking into account its advanced technology, we are thereby able to compact the size of the plant to about 1/3 the size of a normal “activated sludge process”. This in turn saves valuable space and lowers the cost of the plant and the cost involved in sludge disposal.

b. Ease of operation:

The plant is completely automated thereby eliminating the need for a full time plant operator and limiting the responsibility of the customer to carry out manual operating procedures. The bio media is loose and can be easily cleaned/ inspected.

c. Energy Saving:

The substantially larger surface area of our bio media reduces the oxidation area thereby limiting energy required to aerate it.

d. Mobile unit:

Our MBBR system up to 40 KLD capacity can easily be transported by a single truck to other sites after the project has been completed and can be relocated to the new location.

Sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore

e. Easy installation

The plant built by us being a CBU (completely built unit) requires wiring and only a piping connection from the raw water tank and a connection to the permeate collection tank thereby completely simplifying the process of installation at the site.

We are providing the sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore without producing any harmful elements & effects in the water by using our best water treatment plants. After the wastewater treatment process you can use that recycling water in many sectors & for many uses.

Water treatment plants in Coimbatore
Water treatment plants in Coimbatore
Water treatment plants in Coimbatore
Sewage treatment plants in Coimbatore