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Water treatment companies in Coimbatore


Water treatment companies in Coimbatore

Corporate Overview

While completing several years of service, we proudly introduce to you a better organization today. We are better because we have a broader market capability and a talented work force to address our customer’s ever evolving needs. Dedicated to purification of water and in turn protection of our environment, EnviroTek has been systematically combining innovative technologies with economically affordable products.


Water purifier in Coimbatore

ENVIROTEK Whole House Filter

Water is filtered in a micron filter, then filtered by an anti-scaler to prevent formation of salt deposits due to hard water thereby forming white scaling on tiles, basins, within pipes, utensils, instruments and systems like washing machines and dish washers etc., crockery and cutlery. Further to this the water is sterilized to get rid of harmful viruses, bacteria and chemicals present in the water.   Read More…

Water Treatment and Purification

Automatic cleaning of the UF is done based on the load it is subjected to. During the cleaning process, the water flows at a high speed in a reverse direction and in the process cleans out the membrane surface. UF membranes are mostly fouling-resistant given their hydrophilic nature. Read More…

Water treatment companies in Coimbatore effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore

Ozone Generators

When the sun’s UV rays inter act with the molecules of oxygen, ozone gas is produced which is a pungent smelling gas. Despite its pungent smell ozone purifies the water and air. It is similar to the way chlorine works. They are both powerful oxidizers and deliver similar benefits such as oxidation of metals and disinfection of substances. But ozone gas does work faster, and also does not leave any chemical residue in the water. Read More…

Sewage Treatment Plants

Given the fact that our MBBR technology generates a very small amount of sludge and taking into account its advanced technology, we are thereby able to compact the size of the plant to about 1/3 the size of a normal “activated sludge process”. This in turn saves valuable space and lowers the cost of the plant and the cost involved in sludge disposal. Read More…

effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore effluent treatment plants in Coimbatore

Effluent Treatment Plants

We Design, Supply, Install and Commission various Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) on a Turnkey basis for the industrial needs of various companies. Our methodology – For starters, we collect samples of the effluent to be treated from the customer and analyze it through a detailed lab report. In-case of it being a generic industry we refer to our in-depth resources on the contaminants to be treated. Read More…

About Us

Those of you to whom we are already known, we invite you to take a fresh look at what we are today. With a clear focus on water, we have upgraded ourselves with most advanced technologies as a company that makes decision based on customer needs, affordability and the latest market requirements.